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How to prevent Fuel Pump failure?

The Fuel Pump in your vehicle is one of those parts you don't generally think about until it suddenly dies. The Fuel Pump pumps the fuel from the tank to the engine. Failure of the Fuel Pump can be disastrous. Many cars now use an electronic Fuel Pump which is located in the gas tank. The electronic system works by spraying a fine mist of fuel inside the engine’s chambers and is operated through a computer control system. To help prevent Fuel Pump failure, replace your Fuel Filter regularly. The Fuel Filter can become clogged with debris found in dirty fuel. This means that the Fuel Pump has to work harder to push fuel through the restricted filter.

Ways to Prevent Fuel Pump Failure

Do not purchase fuel while a tanker is filling the station tanks. As the fuel is pumped into the tanks, debris in the tanks is stirred and if you fuel at that point in time this debris will end up in your fuel tank. This will lead to clogging up of the fuel filter and eventually lead to the failure of your Fuel Pump.

Do not drive on empty. Sometimes we just forget to fill up the tank but we all know someone who regularly drives while the gauge is at E and only puts a few dollars worth of gas in the tank. This practice is slowly killing your Fuel Pump. The fuel in the tank is used to cool the Fuel Pump. This continued practice will cause failure of the Fuel Pump and will eventually lead to the Fuel Pump needing to be replaced.

It is easier and more cost effective to prevent a Fuel Pump failure than to replace the Fuel Pump. Prevention is better than a cure.


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