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Air Filter Replacement

Today’s vehicle engines are becoming less tolerant of maintenance mistakes. One component that is often overlooked or considered less important is the - Air Filter. The Air Filter helps keep dirt and other contaminants out of the engine and offers the airflow needed by the engine so it can breathe properly.

There are various ways to know when your Air Filter should be replaced. One test is the “drop test”. With the drop test the Air Filter is dropped on the floor to see what, if anything comes out of the Air Filter. The second test is the “see through it” test. With this test the Air Filter is held up to the light to see if you can see through it. The validity of this test depends on what type of media was used for the Air Filter, which company manufactured the filter, how dense it is and what the application is. There are too many factors to gauge the accurate condition of the filter using this method.

The best way is to physically examine the Air Filter. Check to see if the Air Filter has gotten wet, does it have rips or tears, is there physical damage. Another area to check is the condition of the seal around the filter. You want to ensure that no unfiltered air gets to the engine. It’s possible that an Air Filter may be deformed from a previous improper installation. There are many warped air boxes in vehicles. This means that the Air Box is unable to seal around filter, allowing unfiltered air to get to the engine. If the Air Filter is suspected of being dirty, it’s better to go ahead and replace. It’s best to err on the side of replacing the Air Filter rather than non-replacement which could cause issues with a customer’s engine.


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